Listen: BOY


For fans of MSMR, Angus & Julia Stone, Aly & AJ, a slight hint of Superchick, Dillon

With one listen of “Skin” by BOY I was hooked. And when “Seven Little Numbers” wouldn’t leave my head I knew they’d make it to my fair-weathered feminist Spotify playlist. Their tunes are full of catchy off-beat drums, with a pop feel that synchronizes perfectly with a walk to class. And their airy Swiss voices are perfect for this light weather and happy little barefoot cooking jams (hence the “fair-weathered” feminist because I still like the kitchen. And my rights).

The lyrics aren’t heavy or even elaborate or astoundingly poetic. They’re just simple and honest and for the everygirl. That’s why they made the fair-weathered feminist list. It’s empowering to feel happy and confident but still talk about the grunge of finding our identity. And for those days when we’re all a little overwhelmed and lost in our crowded thoughts, it’s nice to listen to some folk-pop that isn’t sad but still says exactly what we’re thinking without trying to solve our problems.

“Waitress” is a great ballad for anyone feeling like they don’t know what to do with their life when everyone else does.

“Skin” is a bit of a wake-up call song, with this great chorus that hits hard. They’re not trying to solve the blur, they’re just calling us out on what’s blurring.

You can feel like a part of something if you’re part of the scene
You can make your life look pretty add a little ice and gin,
Wash off the make-up and prepare the aspirin
Well you can get out of this party dress but you can’t get out of this skin.

Also, they’ve got that techno-echo going behind the pop and the catchy beat. So 90s/2k indie girl band I’m in love.


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