Watch This: Apenas o Fim

If you love European or Indie films, where the filming isn’t spectacular, but the writing is better than any Micheal Bay film (okay that wouldn’t take much), and if you’re literate, then watch Apenas o Fim. This film is fantastic. A real Nora Ephron piece of work + (500) Days of Summer + Once.

“Apenas o Fim” just won the first Premio award on Netflix (best foreign film or something like that).


Although, I’m laughing at myself because this is SUCH a hipster movie to recommend. So I’ll just list the things that make it great, and just know that they’re your typical hipster’s favorite characteristics of any movie.

1.) I’m calling it a film, not a movie, because it’s slightly artsy in its depiction of a “normal” couple: the guy, Tom, wears polos and his grandfather’s glasses and loves Star Wars, and the girl, Ela, doesn’t wear makeup, and they both wear Converse.  And it’s a film because it’s foreign, and I like the alliteration of “foreign film” and “foreign movie” just sounds ignorant.

2.) Hipster because the storyline is that of a guy who has an hour to convince his girlfriend not to break up with him, think (500) Days of Summer, backwards. The movie, consequently, is also about an hour and flashes back periodically to their time together over the past few years. It’s all in Portuguese so you’re going to have to watch with subtitles on. So the language is beautiful.

3.) Minus two points on the hipster rubric for no sex scenes or cursing. But a plus for the Christian hipsters.

4.) The couple, Ela and Tom, love playing video games and superhero/comic culture. So there’s serious nerd jokes being thrown left and right.


In the beginning, Ela tells Tom that he doesn’t know her, even though they’ve been dating all this time. He says that you can never fully know someone, and they spend the rest of their last bits of time together asking little questions and talking about love—which is dubbed as cliché, but not really cliché because since everyone says love is cliché saying “love is cliché” is cliché so therefore talking about love is actually not cliché.

5.) Hipster for the above explanation.

And that is my exact thought process for most things in my life. I also spend most of my days thinking of things like if I was a bird, mode of transportation, comic book character, piece of furniture, natural disaster, what would I be? And they ask a lot of those questions. I’m always surprised when I ask people those questions and they don’t have an immediate answer. Doesn’t everyone think these questions all the time? Well, at least Tom does.

Also, every time I create something, I have a serious desire to completely destroy it when I’m done. It’s some weird power complex of realizing that I just made something beautiful out of nothing and that I’m the only person in the world with the rights and heart to destroy it. And I could. If I wanted.

I finally found someone who knows what I mean. The whole time, Ela keeps talking of how she’s going to leave, but Tom keeps trying to get her to stay. In this scene, we see a glimpse of her sentimentality. Ela jumps onto a flight of brick steps and asks Tom if he knows where this is. He has no idea. “It’s where we kissed on the first day of college. See, I can remember these things.” The scene follows with some beautifully poetic lines, that guys, I’m sure if you memorized these would win a girl’s heart. Or maybe they just melted mine because of the whole destruction thing. Also, this is an awesome angle to shoot this scene from.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.04.33 PM

Tom: You want some gum? 

Ela: no thanks. I just remembered something. 


I brought this so you could record a message for me.



What kind of message? 

I don’t know, any kind. 

What for? 

So I can remember you.

I don’t know what to say. 

Say one of your tacky, corny lines… (Tom laughs) that I love. Okay? 

Fine, go ahead. 

Go ahead! 

If I could, I would destroy everything. I’d destroy cities, I’d destroy the whole world while we’re at it, just so I could rebuild it as quickly as possible in a way that it’d be perfect for you, so you wouldn’t have any problems and you wouldn’t have to run away. That’s it. Cut. 


So watch it. I loved it.


Also, Apenas o Fim means “Just the End.” How Shakespearian of them to tell us the end at the beginning.


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