The Serial Box Presents

As I’ve been doing a lot of filming lately, I greatly appreciate this grand group of music-loving promoters. Their video came up on my Facebook feed by way of Noisetrade, that website I’m always talking about.

SerialBox Presents is a live music project that allows both artists and fans to interact in new ways with the music that they love.

So basically this would be the coolest job ever. In one take, producers and photographers film a song by an artist, working to capture the wholesomeness and intimacy of a live concert.

The website features videos, interviews, and artwork, but if you’re just interested in the videos, check them out on Vimeo.

Season two kicks off soon, but in the mean time, enjoy these featured artists and marvel at this beautiful filmography. I swear you’ll see the world differently after a 3-5 minute take.

Ben Rector, Matthew Mayfield, The Lone Bellow, Andrew Belle, David Ramirez, Paper Route 

Good news is you can find most of these artists’ work for free on Noisetrade!


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