House Hunting is like Radishes

Those bright flashes of red against green leaves have caught my eye a couple mid-mornings at the Market. So naturally, I did some research. Turns out radishes and I have a bolder connection than my affinity for bold color, specifically to my success in finding a house in less than a week for me and my roommates to live in.

Fact: A radish can sprout from seed to small plant in as little as 3 days. 

Fact: I went from no living situation for next year to signing the lease on a house in 3 days. 

Last Saturday our apartment was in hysteria. We had an abrupt smack in the face when we realized we were 10 days away from summer and despite our two-month search, had no roof to claim above our heads for next year, an apartment lease ending in one week, and three of the four of us would be abroad in just a few weeks, so this meant the prime time for signing a lease was…. now.

Tensions rose and eyes widened as we called house after house. I was done with finals on Monday, so I spent the last week visiting any 3-4 bedroom, 1.5-2 bath house within 10 miles and checking Zillow and Craigslist on the hour. My roommates all had finals, so I was pretty overwhelmed dealing with most of this on my own. It was an adult part of life that is not fun at all. I don’t like insecurity, I like control and knowing. I had no idea where I was going to live and had to figure it out in a week.

I cursed way too much between incessant prayers and whispers of “please, please, pleeeeease,” had a persistent urge to punch something, and was frustrated with the sluggish pace of things. (I learned this week that I’m a little obsessed with productivity and efficiency.)

Fact: The descriptive Greek name of the genus Raphanus means “quickly appearing” and refers to the rapid germination of these plants.

Fact: Rapha (râpâ’) means “to restore,” “to heal,” or “to make healthful” in Hebrew. Jehovah is translated as “The Existing One” or “Lord.” The chief meaning of Jehovah is derived from the Hebrew word Havah) means “to restore”, “to heal” or “to make healthful” in Hebrew. When the two words are combined…Jehovah Rapha…it can be translated as “Jehovah Who Heals.” Jehovah is the Great Physician who heals the physical and emotional needs of His people.

Maybe it’s a stretch to connect the root word of a hearty plant with a name for God, maybe it’s not. I don’t really care, because I made the connection.

Throughout my hectic state this week I caught myself thinking “look what I can do in just a few days,” which was quickly followed by “Like hell you  did this.” Granted, my diligence and assertiveness played a big part in securing our home, but I was not alone, though I felt pretty alone and thrown out to the wolves of competitive house hunters throughout this past week.

There were a couple times when I looked up, squeezed my eyes, and between clinched teeth said, “God, you’ve promised to take care of me, and what I need right now is a home. By this week. So I’m trusting  that you’ve got this. And you need to pull through. Because I know you can.” It’s demanding and rude to say this to the God, but I was angry and in need of physical results.

Fact: Radishes are red. 

Fact: My new front door is red. 

I had scheduled a tour for a house I saw on Craigslist (that had no address other than a street name and no picture) for midday Thursday, which was the day I would be moving everything out of the apartment. After getting the address and driving by for a look, I called ahead Wednesday to get an application for the house, hoping to get a step ahead of other interested parties. The realtor couldn’t give me an application prior to the tour, but could move our appointment, which was the last of four, to the first tour.

Thursday we walked into the house for the first time, one roommate short. Only minutes before the second tour group came in I said, “We’ll take it!”

And we got it.

This was God. My anxious, frustrated self only managed to call the right people. All week I was angry and scared. I was disappointed in others and needed to be able to trust something. It was God that reminded me to be forgiving and kind even when I wasn’t, to not worry, to trust. God that eased everyone’s hearts this past week.

He pulled through, just like he said he would. He quickly appeared and restored.


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